Building Bonds Behind Bars

A Celebration of Fatherhood with YouYesYou!

Our mission has always centered around making a positive impact on the lives of children. We are dedicated to helping incarcerated fathers build and maintain relationships with their kids while strengthening their paternal skills. Recently, we had the privilege of organizing two extraordinary Fatherhood Celebrations at the Putnamville and Plainfield Correctional Facilities. These events are meant to serve as a platform where love, joy, and togetherness flourish, allowing fathers to engage with their children and reaffirm their commitment to being positive father figures in their lives.

On May 13th, we brought the celebration to the Putnamville Correctional Facility. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as our dads eagerly awaited the arrival of their kids. We had a DJ playing and the face-painting stations were a hit! The interactive games added a dose of friendly competition and shared laughter. And of course, we couldn’t resist indulging in some sweet treats and snacks. 

Continuing our mission to celebrate fatherhood, we hosted a 2nd event at the Plainfield Correctional Facility on May 27th. This celebration echoed the spirit of our previous gathering, with a bright and fun ambiance, music, and an array of activities that brought our fathers and children closer. You could literally feel the joy in the room. It was a great reminder for us of the profound impact we are having on the lives of those we serve.

By organizing events like the Fatherhood Celebrations, our organization not only provides a platform for fathers and children to connect but also nurtures a supportive community that recognizes and values involved fatherhood. These events exemplified the power of connection and the enduring strength of the father-child relationship. YouYesYou!’s commitment to supporting fathers in their journey to be active and caring dads is reshaping perceptions and fostering a brighter future for both fathers and their children.