MindfullyYou! is a transformative program under the YouYesYou! umbrella, dedicated to empowering incarcerated fathers and their families.

Our Program
Led by Rachel Rhodes, LMFTA

Our program is a unique initiative designed to disrupt harmful cycles by assisting fathers in cultivating a more secure attachment style. Participants are granted a pause, offering an opportunity to address their emotional health, promote restoration, and identify and practice essential communication skills. This supportive framework empowers fathers to approach the development and well-being of their children with greater intentionality.


Rachel Rhodes, LMFTA, the devoted Project Manager at Mindfully You! With over 15 years of experience in Indianapolis social services, Rachel is passionate about cultivating relationships and empowering others to lead a more mindful and peaceful lifestyle.

Our Approach


MindfullyYou! encourages fathers to prioritize cultivating a healthy self-esteem, recognizing its role as the foundation for establishing a secure attachment with their children.

Mindfullness Techniques
Our approach highlights the profound impact of practicing mindfulness on a father’s physical and emotional well-being. This practice not only improves parent-child interactions, but also contributes to building a more supportive and resilient family system.
Pain and Peace Cycles
Understanding behavior patterns is essential for personal development, effective communication, and overall well-being. This empowerment enables fathers to make thoughtful choices, overcome unproductive habits, and navigate life with heightened self-awareness.

Support MindFullyYou!

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